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Calvin Pryor To Tannehill "Throw A Better Ball"

Calvin Pryor has some choice works for Ryan Tannehill

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

After the Dolphins fell to 4-7 with a lopsided loss to the New York Jets, Ryan Tannehill decided to sound off on Calvin Pryor. Tannehill called him "classless" for apparently celebrating the injury of Matthews.

I'm sure you remember the hit. Tannehill threw the ball a little behind Matthews over the middle, the ball arrived with a wobble and a little late and Pryor put a big hit on Matthews, with the ball falling incomplete. The hit was 100% legal, he didn't target the head and even Tannehill confirmed that it was a clean hit.

Now Pryor wheeled away from the hit in celebration, completely oblivious to the fact that Matthews was hurt. 99% of players who deliver a hit like that, will turn away in celebration. it's football, it's natural and it's common. Once the Jets players noticed Matthews on the ground in obvious pain, they took a knee to pray for him.

Now I'm not sure what Tannehill is talking about, maybe he's feeling the pressure of another week of under performance under the weight of contract expectation. Maybe he was still reeling from his introduction to Lorenzo Mauldin, I don't know, but the accusation didn't fall on deaf ears:

Ryan should concentrate more on his poor throw and terrible performance rather than making false accusations to try and deflect a little bit of the attention.