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NFL Power Rankings: Jets Fall Back

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Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets did not take much of a hit in NFL Power Rankings after their loss to New England, but a second straight loss has dropped them out of the top ten. 11th

It's Geno Smith's fault the Jets lost in Oakland. Wasn't he wearing No. 31 in white on that Michael Crabtree touchdown? Why wasn't his coverage on Andre Holmes tighter?

Everyone in America watching a short Jets-Raiders highlight package probably said "Uh huh" when learning Smith was the quarterback for this defeat. The inconvenient truth is that No. 7 didn't fare too poorly. His lone turnover did not result in any Raiders points, and while he didn't set the football world on fire, he did make plays to keep the offense viable. Especially when you consider that Chris Ivory and Zac Stacy rushed 18 times for 28 yards.

CBS Sports: 12th

Two consecutive losses has the Jets fading fast. With the quarterback problems, they could be in big trouble.

ESPN: 12th

Todd Bowles said Ryan Fitzpatrick tore ligaments in his thumb in the loss to the Raiders. Fitzpatrick has the league's third-best Total QBR (78), which also is the best by any Jets quarterback in the past 10 seasons.

The Jets certainly need a quick return from injured quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, but his absence can’t explain the defensive collapse -- in the past two games the Jets have allowed 804 yards of total offense and 64 points. View season trend.

Geno Smith and Ryan Fitzpatrick are both injured. There's a chance that rookie Bryce Petty will have to start this week. It seems like either Fitzpatrick or Smith or both will be able to play through the pain, but it's still a situation that could really affect them.