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Muhammad Wilkerson: Scheming Around Mo

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Raiders had a good day rushing the ball Sunday against the Jets. Latavius Murray ran for 113 yards. Over half of his yardage came on three long runs, all of which saw a big hole open because of a block the Raiders threw on Muhammad Wilkerson.

The Raiders got a little creative on these plays. Instead of taking on the Herculean task of trying to drive Wilkerson forward with a blocker, they brought in somebody from his side when he wasn't expecting it to catch him off balance.

On a 26 yard run yard run, Oakland used wide receiver Andre Holmes to throw a block on Wilkerson. By taking Wilkerson out with a wide receiver, this freed them up to get their offensive linemen down the field to help spring Murray further.

On this 12 yard run, Oakland pulls Gabe Jackson to blow up a hole for Murray.

On this 25 yard run, the Raiders use tackle Donald Penn as an extra tight end to block down on Wilkerson, and move Austin Howard to take out Quinton Coples.

A guy like Wilkerson is very difficult to block straight ahead. The Raiders found a way to do it by hitting him from angles he was not expecting. In a way, it seems like Oakland outschemed the Jets a bit, but they also outexecuted them. Wilkerson has dealt with blocks like these before and handled them better.