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Jets vs. Dolphins Final Score: New York Wins 38-20

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The past month and a half has been rough for the Jets. They have seen their 4-1 start evaporate. They were playing poorly in a number of key spots. There were plenty of areas where the Jets needed something good to happen just to get some confidence back. Devin Smith needed something positive to happen. Ryan Fitzpatrick needed a good game with calls for his benching starting to gain steam at least from the fans. Most of all, the Jets needed a win and a convincing one at that.

The Jets got all of these things in their 38-20 win over the Dolphins today at the Meadowlands. Gang Green is now 6-5 on the season and still very much in the mix in the AFC Playoff race. In addition, the Jets delivered a devastating blow to Miami's Playoff hopes. The Dolphins are now 2 games behind the Jets and would lose a tiebreaker from a pair of head to head losses.

It was a dominant defensive performance from the start. The defense held early in the game as the Dolphins started their first few drives in excellent field position. The Dolphins could barely get anything going until the game was out of reach. Eventually the offense caught up as Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for 4 touchdowns, and Chris Ivory added a highlight touchdown run. The only time it felt like the momentum might be turning was when the Dolphins scored to cut the lead to 21-7. The Jets promptly responded with an assertive touchdown drive to reclaim control.

Celebrate below. You get treated to a Smackdad written official recap later.

Let me end by saying this. On a personal note, you might know there is no team in the NFL I like less than the Dolphins. The Jets had never before swept the Dolphins in the history of this blog. This is no more after today. You've waited eight years to hear it. I have waited eight years to type it. Get out the brooms! The Jets have swept the Dolphins.