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Darrelle Revis Ruled Out For Miami Dolphins Game

Darrelle Revis was nowhere to be seen in Friday's practice that was open to the media.

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

Update: 2:30 EST - Revis has officially been ruled out of the game with Miami.

Yesterday Bowles indicated that the Jets were planning for Miami with the thought that Revis would be missing. He was absent from Friday's practice, indicating that the Jets will indeed be without their #1 corner and prized free agent pickup for the must-win game against Miami.

There has been no official confirmation, although that may come later this afternoon when Bowles addresses the media. However with Revis not practicing again today, and him being sent home from team meetings due to him not being up for it, I'd be surprised if we see him out there on Sunday.

As we've mentioned several times this week. Some players progress through the concussion protocol quickly, in 1-2 days. Some take 1-2 weeks, it looks like Revis will fall into the latter category. The Dolphins catch a break.

Mangold was participating in individual drills, but his status still remains in question as he recovers from a serious gash in his hand that required several stitches.