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New York Jets Flashback Friday: Deja Vu All Over Again Against Miami

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Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Most Jets fans can tell you about the Monday Night Miracle in 2000 where the Jets erased a 23 point deficit in the fourth quarter against the Dolphins. What they might not remember was that the Jets came back from another huge deficit in their home game against Miami the next season.

The comeback was not as big. The Jets had more time to complete it. The game was a regional Sunday afternoon telecast instead of a showcase Monday game. These are some the reasons this game is not remembered as well as its counterpart from the year before. It was still a fun comeback against a bitter rival.

On October 14, 2001, the Dolphins jumped all over the Jets in the first half at the Meadowlands. A 14 yard touchdown pass from Jay Fielder to Lamar Smith, a 29 yard Travis Minor touchdown run, and a 26 yard field goal from Olindo Mare gave Miami a 17-0 halftime lead.

The Jets needed a spark, and they got it on the first drive of the second half. New York drove the ball 78 yards in 7 plays to score a touchdown, cutting their deficit to 17-7. Perhaps the play that turned the game around was a 25 yard run by Curtis Martin on 3rd and 2 from the Jets' 30. Had the Jets not converted that play, they would have started the second half with a 3 and out. This set up a 22 yard touchdown pass from Vinny Testaverde to Laveranues Coles to put Gang Green on the board.

The Jets had life. Then the defense made a big play. On the first play of Miami's ensuing drive, Shaun Ellis forced a fumble on a Smith carry that Marvin Jones recovered. Curtis Martin took the first play of the Jets drive 27 yards to the end zone for a touchdown. It was 17-14. In just three plays from scrimmage, the Dolphins went from a commanding 17 point lead to clinging to a field goal advantage.

The Jets forced a Miami punt, but John Hall missed a game-tying 43 yard field goal the next time the Jets got the ball. It was no problem as Gang Green forced another 3 and out. Testaverde hit 4 straight passes on the first drive of the 4th quarter, ending in another touchdown pass to Coles, this one a 25 yarder. The Jets had the lead for the first time.

The teams traded punts until the Dolphins got it back on their own 43 with 4:20 to go. The Dolphins eventually got it to the Jets' 6 yard line with under 2:00 to go on a Fielder 26 yard scramble. Just 6 yards from victory, however, Fielder threw an interception to Marvin Jones. The Dolphins forced a Jets punt, but their final chance evaporated when Victor Green intercepted Fielder to seal the win for the Jets.

It was the 7th straight win for the Jets against the Dolphins, a streak they would extend to 8 in Miami the next month.

This game did not take on the historic significance of the comeback against Miami from a year earlier, but after the game Dolphins head coach Dave Wannstedt said, ""It feels just the same as last year. Just as sickening. Just as upsetting."