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Todd Bowles: Jets Preparing To Play Without Revis

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Revis seems unlikely to play Sunday

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

According to the The New York Post, Darrelle Revis is still dealing with complications due to the concussion he suffered in last week's game against the Texans. While Revis hasn't been officially listed as out for the game against Miami, it's starting to sound like he's a major longshot to play. When asked about Revis, Bowles had this to say:

"He just wasn’t 100 percent still and the doctors won’t let him sit in meetings just yet. We’re ready to play without him, but if he comes back it will be a bonus. We’ll see later in the week. We’re preparing to play without him."

Losing Revis would make a pretty big difference in a game that the Jets absolutely must win to keep their playoff hopes afloat. Revis had a nice game against Miami in London, with a PD and an interception. Revis has also been involved with creating more turnovers than anyone else on the Jets and is the linchpin of the defensive scheme. If Revis doesn't suit up on Sunday, this game could look very different than the first matchup between these two teams. I shudder to think about Antonio Cromartie covering the shifty, big play threat Jarvis Landry in one on one coverage. The gameplan is going to need some massive tweaks.