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No Lineup Changes For Jets Against Dolphins

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Todd Bowles confirmed that there will be no lineup changes for the Jets game against the Dolphins.

Steven Ryan-USA TODAY Sports

Are you wanting to see some of the underperforming players lose their spots? Perhaps see a little more Marcus WIlliams, a little less Antonio Cromartie. A little more Erin Henderson, a little less Demario Davis. A little more Lorenzo Mauldin, a little less Calvin Pace. Well don't hold your breath, Jets head coach Todd Bowles confirmed on Wednesday that the team will not be making any lineup changes for the game against the Dolphins.

I personally wanted to see a little more Lorenzo Mauldin this week. I know he's not polished and he's still raw, however he plays with a physical edge and he brings a little pace to a linebacking unit that severely lacks it. It sounds as though Bowles isn't ready to turn to a rookie who doesn't have a great deal of experience in the NFL

Devin Smith will also see the same amount of action as he did against the Texans, which was a significant amount. Smith has really struggled this year, dropping passes and putting the ball on the ground against Buffalo resulting in a Bills TD.