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New York Jets Tumble In Latest NFL Power Rankings

It was to be expected

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Rewind to a few weeks ago and you'd find the Jets sitting firmly in the top 10 and rising. Now we see the Jets continue to tumble down the rankings after taking their 4th loss in 5 games. The offense isn't clicking, the QB is turning the ball over and the defense isn't getting the stops when needed.

If you hate power rankings, then look away now.

CBS Sports - 18th. Last Week: 9th

It's gone sour quickly. The early-season optimism has waned and they have problems.

ESPN - 16th. Last Week: 13th

Ryan Fitzpatrick has completed 46.6 percent of his passes his past two games (both losses) with four interceptions. Fitzpatrick had a 61.8 completion percentage prior to this stretch.

Fansided - 15th. Last Week: 13th

After winning four of their first five games, the New York Jets have done a complete about-face. New York has now lost four of its last five contests - a streak that stings even more when considering that it started against the hated New England Patriots.

If Ryan Fitzpatrick is to be your quarterback, then he absolutely needs help out of the backfield. Which is to say 58 rushing yards from his compadres ain't gonna cut the mustard.

Houston's defense is good, and it's understandable that it hamstrung New York. However, the Jets' D should have at least been strong enough to force a few more errors out of TJ Yates. End of the day, JJ Watt and Co. ate Fitzpatrick's lunch, and the Jets are a reeling team in need of a live preserver (hello, Week 12 opponent Miami). - 16th. Last Week 12th

SB Nation - 12th. Last Week 11th

Mlive - 16th: Last Week 13th

When you roll with Ryan Fitzpatrick as your starter you have to expect the occasional fourth-quarter implosion.

Washington Post - 16th. Last Week 10th

It's the Jets and Falcons in a race to see whose once-promising season can totally unravel the fastest.

NESN - 15th. Last Week 13th

The Jets have at least one turnover in nine of 10 games this season, and they have six in the last two weeks. That's not great.