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NFL Playoff Picture: Jets in Four Way Tie for Last Wild Card Spot

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Last night's victory by the New England Patriots over the Buffalo Bills dropped Buffalo to 5-5 on the season. That leaves the Bills in a four way tie for the sixth and final Playoff spot in the AFC with the Chiefs, Texans, and Jets.

Because of tiebreakers, the Jets are currently last in the standings among the four teams, still in ninth place in the AFC. The Chiefs currently hold the sixth seed and would be in the Playoffs if the season ended today.

Still, the Jets are right in the thick of things. This is not a team playing well. The team at this point looks more mediocre than good. Guess what. There are not many good teams in the AFC. The conference only has four teams with winning records and six postseason slots. You don't need to be a great team or perhaps even a good team this year to be a Playoff team.

The full standings are below.

1. New England 10-0

2. Cincinnati 8-2

3. Denver 8-2

4. Indianapolis 5-5

5. Pittsburgh 6-4

6. Kansas City 5-5


7. Houston 5-5

8. Buffalo 5-5

9. Jets 5-5

10. Oakland 4-6

11. Jacksonville 4-6

12. Miami 4-6

13. Baltimore 3-7

14. Cleveland 2-8

15. San Diego 2-8

16. Tennessee 2-8