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Just Trade That 2nd Round Pick Now: The Curse of the Deuce

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The Curse of the 2nd Round

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Are the Jets cursed when it comes to finding talent in the 2nd round?

It's not always easy to find talent past the first round, it's not even easy to find talent in the 1st round. However the Jets seem to struggle more than most when finding a productive prospect from picks #33 through #64.

Are we really cursed with our 2nd round selections?


It's too early to make judgement on some of the prospects. Devin Smith has got off to a rocky start and Jace Amaro is missing his sophomore season. However if you look over the last 10 years. The selection of talent here is not exactly ideal. We have a wide receiver who can't catch, an offensive lineman who couldn't block (he's a little better now). A QB who never really had NFL talent, and a kicker...which was a reactionary pick after the Doug Brien disaster.

The one shining light in this group comes by way of David Harris, one of the best Jets of the last decade.

Devin Smith - 2015

Jace Amaro - 2014

Geno Smith - 2013

Stephen Hill - 2012

No Selection - 2011

Vladimir Ducasse - 2010

No Selection - 2009

No Selection - 2008

David Harris -2007

Kellen Clemens - 2006

Mike Nugent 2005

We traded away picks in 2011, 2009 and 2008. The Jets traded their 2nd round pick in 2008 to move up to select Dustin Keller in the 1st round. A player who flashed potential but never really fulfilled it. If you think that's bad, the 2nd round selection the Jets traded was used to select Jordy Nelson, one of the best receivers in football.

The Jets traded their 2009 second round selection to move up for Mark Sanchez, despite going to back-to-back AFC Championship games, that move fell flat on its face. With the Jets selection, the Browns took defensive end David Veikune. Never heard of him? Well he played sparingly his rookie year, ended on IR, was cut and then signed by Denver, where he was cut again, never to play in the NFL.

In 2011 the Jets were again without their 2nd round selection after trading it away for Antonio Cromartie, a good deal at the time. The Chargers used that selection to take Jonas Mouton, a player who was constantly injured and eventually cut.

Overall this is a pretty poor record for the Jets

I'm not happy with just 10 years though. Lets go back 20 years, back to 1995 to see if we were a little better in the 90's.


No selection - 2004

Victor Hobson - 2003

Jon McGraw - 2002

Lamont Jordan -2001

No selection - 2000

Randy Thomas - 1999

Dorian Boose - 1998

Rick Terry - 19997

Alex Van Dyke - 1996

Matt O'Dwyer - 1995

Boy-o-boy! This is a horrible list of 2nd round selections. Hobson wasn't terrible, he had a couple of decent years with the Jets. LaMont Jordan was sitting behind Curtis Martin for the 4 years he was here, and he had a 1,000+ yard, 9 TD season when he moved to Oakland. However if we're looking about adding value to the Jets, he didn't do a great deal. I do remember Randy Thomas being a very good player in the early years.

However it didn't start well here. O'Dwyer wasn't terrible but he was a penalty machine with the Jets. Alex Van Dyke was a good college receiver who forgot how to catch the ball. Rick terry, Dorian Boose and Jon McGraw were all horrible selections by the Jets.

No truly outstanding talent here. OK lets go back another 10 years.


Ryan Yarborough - 1994

Coleman Rudolph - 1993

Kurt Barber - 1992

Browning Nagle - 1991

Reggie Rembert - 1990

Dennis Byrd - 1989

Terry Williams - 1988

Alex Gordon - 1987

Doug Williams - 1986

Lester Lyles -1985

Jim Sweeney - 1984

We started pretty well here. Jim Sweeney played with the Jets for 11 years and played in the NFL for 16. Unfortunately it largely went downhill there after. Lyles lasted 3 years with the Jets, despite a very successful 1986 season where he had 3 sacks and 5 interceptions, he was out of football after 1990.

Doug Williams? Enough said. Alex Gordon, got off to a decent start but then went downhill quickly. Terry Williams?? Make it stop! Now Dennis Byrd was a good selection, horrible end to a promising career, but he was dominant, and was on his way to a having a superb career.

Reggie Rembert? we couldn't even agree a contract with him so we had to trade his right to the Bengals, luckily he was a horrible football player that lasted just 3 years in the league and scored a single touchdown. Browning Nagle, selected one pick behind Brett Favre was just horrible.

Kurt Barber was another very poor selection, Rudolph barely played with the Jets before moving to the Giants. Ryan Yarborough was a fine college receiver, one of the best, but as soon as he came to New York he couldn't catch a cold. 3 touchdowns in 2 years and he was off to Baltimore.

I can't go back any further, this is far too depressing. However if you ask the question:

"Are the Jets cursed in the second round?" - Well largely the answer is yes.

We went back 30 years and outside of David Harris there isn't a lot to like, Sweeney and Thomas were decent lineman for sure. We had several players who failed to make any impact, a handful of players who made minimal impact and Dennis Byrd, a player who was on his way to stardom, only for it to be cut short in the most tragic of circumstance.

Just trade that 2nd round pick away, it's not our round. It's "The Curse of the Deuce"