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Could The Jets Sign A Kick Returner To Replace Quinton Coples

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With the Jets cutting Quinton Coples today, they now have a spare roster spot

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Last week the Jets had Dri Archer and Trindon Holliday in for a workout, but later stated that they were happy with what they had. Which turned out to be, not a lot.

Now with Coples looking for a new team, the Jets have a spare roster spot to fill and the rumor suggests that it could be a kick returner. Bowles confirmed today that he had a player in mind, when asked who would be signed to fill Quinton's old roster spot, and when asked about a kick returner, he didn't deny it

The Jets are averaging 21.7 yards per return on kickoffs, which is good for only 24th in the league.

What the Jets are doing, isn't working. So I'm all in favor of bringing in someone like Dri Archer to add potential explosion to this team. Mainly in the kick game, but I wouldn't mind the offense calling a few screens to him either.

There has been no confirmation of the teams intention. It's all guess work right now.