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AFC Playoff Picture: Jets Fall to 9th Place

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Bob Levey/Getty Images

Yesterday's loss to the Texans combined with the other games involving AFC Wild Card contenders dropped the Jets to ninth place in the conference's standings. The Chiefs and Texans both passed the Jets.

The Jets remain only a half game behind Buffalo for the sixth spot in the AFC and will be tied if New England beats the Bills tonight. You might say the Jets don't have the look of a Playoff team. You might say they do not deserve a spot. Well, six teams in the AFC have to make the Playoffs, but there are not six great teams. The Jets remain squarely in the mix and still have a real shot if they can get their act together.

The full standings are below.

1. New England 9-0

2. Cincinnati 8-2

3. Denver 8-2

4. Indianapolis 5-5

5. Pittsburgh 6-4

6. Buffalo 5-4


7. Kansas City 5-5

8. Houston 5-5

9. Jets 5-5

10. Oakland 4-6

11. Jacksonville 4-6

12. Miami 4-6

13. Baltimore 3-7

14. Cleveland 2-8

15. San Diego 2-8

16. Tennessee 2-8