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Todd Bowles: "I'm Still Committed to Ryan Fitzpatrick"

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Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Todd Bowles in his postgame press conference today indicated he is still inclined to stick with Ryan Fitzpatrick as his starting quarterback in the wake of a poor outing by the veteran.

It does sound like he left himself a bit of leeway depending on the reporter we are talking about.

I wouldn't expect Bowles to announce a change in a postgame press conference anyway. He needs to watch the tape to assess the situation.

I'm inclined to agree that it is probably too soon to make a change. Part of it is just the lack of alternatives available. Bryce Petty is a nonstarter. He is too raw to see the field at this point. As far as Geno Smith goes, have we seen anything during his career to suggest he would be better?

I think we are getting closer to a point where the Jets might make a change after two straight not so good Fitzpatrick outings.