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Jets vs. Texans Final Score: Houston Wins 24-17

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets lost today in Houston to the Texans by a 24-17 score. The defeat drops New York to 5-5 on the season. One again the team let a winnable game slip away against an opponent that is just as flawed as they are. The Jets have also dropped four of their last five. And Darrelle Revis got injured and had to leave the game.

There are lots of places you can point the finger in this game. Revis was bettered by Hopkins early. Ryan Fitzpatrick made some bad reads late in particular. Antonio Cromartie and perhaps Demario Davis got lost on key plays on a big touchdown drive. Devin Smith dropped some key passes.

I think you really have to get on the coaching staff for this one, though. With three extra days to prepare for an opponent on a short week with a backup quarterback, it is tough to fathom what happened out there. The Jets looked lost when the Texans showed them Wildcat. They looked lost on the trick play. How they thought going in that blocking JJ Watt one on one with Breno Giacomini was a good idea is tough to fathom. When Revis went out, how do you single cover Hopkins with Marcus Williams? There was a Rex Ryan Memorial too many men on the field penalty on a big third down.

Amazingly, the Jets are still in the middle of the Playoff race. Their Wild Card competition is just as flawed as they are. The question is whether this team can win games to make it.

Mourn below. The official recap will be up later.