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Jets vs. Texans Game Thread

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Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets take on the Texans today. This is only their third road game against the Texans ever and first in six years. The last time the Jets paid a visit to Houston was in 2009, and that was Rex Ryan's first game as head coach.

The current teams are bunched in the thick of the AFC postseason race. The Jets currently lead Houston by a game in the postseason chase.

The Texans are playing well. The Jets are not. This is a Houston home game. At the same time, the Jets have some advantages. They had three extra days to prepare coming off a Thursday night game last week, while the Texans had a short week after playing a road game on Monday. The Texans are also starting their backup quarterback. There are no easy wins in the NFL, but these are factors favoring the Jets.

Leave your thoughts on the game below.