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NY Jets Week 11 Rooting Guide

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta over Indianapolis: The Colts are currently tied for the lead in the AFC South, which means they could become a Wild Card competitor soon. They are only one game behind the Jets right now, although Gang Green would hold the head to head tiebreaker. In any event, an NFC team like the Falcons winning does the Jets no harm. A Colts loss would help a bit.

Detroit over Oakland: The Raiders are suddenly struggling with two straight losses after their blowout win against the Jets. New York leads them in the standings by one game. Since Oakland has that head to head victory, a Raiders loss to provide a little extra breathing room would be nice.

Dallas over Miami: It says a lot about the AFC that a team like the Dolphins that has looked so bad for so much of the season can be a game out of a Playoff spot, but they are. Miami is just a game behind the Jets. This lead, a head to head win, and an upcoming game against the Dolphins mean the Jets don't need Dolphins opponents to help them. They surely would accept help, though.

San Diego over Kansas City: At 2-7, the Chargers are probably finished. The Chiefs are 4-5, just a game behind the Jets.

New England over Buffalo: Four games back with seven to play, the Jets are unlikely to catch the Patriots in the AFC East. The division is gone at this point. The Bills and the Jets are tied for the last Wild Card spot. Buffalo holds the tiebreaker due to last week's head to head win. A Pats victory helps the Jets this week.