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College Football Thread 11/21

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Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

The college football season is nearing its end, and there are numerous big games with College Football Playoff implications.

At 3:30 PM Connor Cook leads Michigan State into the Horseshoe for a game against third ranked Ohio State. This might be an elimination game as far as the College Football Playoff is concerned.

Meanwhile the four contenders in the Big XII are all playing each other in primetime. Baylor visits Oklahoma State at 7:30 on FOX. Half an hour later on ABC, Oklahoma hosts TCU.

In other action, Notre Dame is playing against Boston College at Fenway Park. Even though the game is in Boston, it is technically a Notre Dame home game. Top ranked Clemson hosts Wake Forest.

This is your thread to talk about the day's action in college football. Leave your thoughts below. Also feel free to chime in with thoughts about college players we should be watching as potential Jets Draft picks.