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Manish Is Right: Jets Should Extend QB Ryan Fitzpatrick

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Ryan Fitzpatrick has solidified a position that has been in flux for years, and the jets should do everything to maintain stability until they find the long-term solution.

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Manish Mehta is 100% right. Recently he wrote an article explaining why the Jets should extend Ryan Fitzpatrick beyond this season and I can't agree more. It would be a very wise choice at this stage.

Is Bryce Petty the future for the Jets? it's too soon to tell, but having someone like Fitzpatrick to mentor him is never a bad thing. Speaking to the Daily News, Petty said:

"I didn't really know the value of having a guy like Fitz," Petty told the Daily News. "You heard stories of guys not being helpful, like ‘I learned it on my own, so you can learn it on your own.' Or the insecurity factor about who they are or their job title. He's the polar opposite. He is very secure with who he is and what he was brought here to do. He (had) help when he was younger. So he wanted to pay it forward."

Consider John's article yesterday in relation to installing an offensive plan. Now we can start to understand and appreciate just how difficult it is to play the QB position in the NFL. Having a smart intelligent QB like Fitz on the staff to mentor the young guns is always a good idea. For his ability to mentor alone he is a good man to have around the building, but he's only just turning 33...meaning he has plenty of good football left in him.

Ryan is also producing on the field. He's not perfect and he'll never be a franchise QB, but surround him with talent and he's a very stable QB. This year he's thrown 15 TD's and 9 INT's. His QBR is higher than a number of QB's in the league including Rivers, Eli Manning and Russell Wilson. He's played through pain and the locker room have gravitated towards him and his magnificent beard.

It would be wise for the Jets to sign him to a two year deal around the $10 million mark. That's the going rate for the veteran QB position, and will give him a little security for the next couple of years. You then make Petty his backup and draft another QB. You keep drafting QB's until you get the right one.

There are a number of promising QB's in the 2016 class. I wouldn't say there is an Andrew Luck in this draft, but there is plenty of talent. Jared Goff may be out of our reach in 2016, but you have plenty of QB's with talent that will land them in rounds 1-3. Guys like Lynch from Memphis, Jones from Ohio State, Cook from Michigan State, Hackenberg from Penn State and a number of others.

Earlier this week, Jets GM Mike Maccagnan said that he believed there was a lot of good football left in Ryan Fitzpatrick. Put your money behind the statement and extend this man before he hits free agency, the sooner the better.