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Marcus Williams Gets His Chance: Jets vs. Raiders Defensive Snap Counts

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Stephen Pond/Getty Images

With Calvin Pryor out, somebody was going to get the chance to see more playing time. That somebody for the Jets was Marcus Williams, who played 61 snaps. The smart money going in seemed to be on Dion Bailey, but Bailey only saw 8 plays. Williams got the bulk of the work in Pryor's place.

Unfortunately, he did not take advantage of it. It was not simply that Williams missed tackles. It is that he looked like he did not even want to try to make them with how softly he approached ball carriers.

Williams got a lot of buzz for his early season play. There is an expression that the backup quarterback is the most popular person in town. At points in the early season, it felt like Williams, the backup cornerback might be the most popular person in town. There were calls for him to start over Antonio Cromartie.

The Jets did a nice job early of limiting his snaps and keeping him in favorable matchups. Even in his most extended work before Oakland, the opener against the Browns, Cleveland did not have a receiver who could threaten him when he came on in place of an injured Cromartie.

When he had to play more yesterday, he got exposed. Williams seems like a nice depth piece. He's a backup who can step in for a short stretch and contribute in subpackages. If yesterday is any indication, it seems like that is his limit. And please don't come back with, "He's a cornerback playing safety." That is not an excuse for play that poor. He didn't have to take on Oakland's best receivers.

Full defensive snap counts are below.

Player Position Snaps Percentage
Gilchrist FS 63 100%
Davis LB 63 100%
Revis CB 63 100%
Harris LB 63 100%
Williams CB 61 97%
Cromartie CB 60 95%
Wilkerson DE 59 94%
Richardson DT 57 90%
Harrison NT 44 70%
Williams DE 43 68%
Pace LB 29 46%
Coples LB 19 30%
Skrine CB 16 25%
Bowen DE 14 22%
Mauldin LB 9 14%
Reilly LB 8 13%
Bailey SS 8 13%
McDougle CB 6 10%
Douzable DE 5 8%
Walls CB 2 3%
Barnes NT 2 3%