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Jets Anti-Game Ball Week 8: Antonio Cromartie

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Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

After a loss like that, there are many contenders for the anti-game ball. Most of the secondary made a case. In the end, I am going to go with Antonio Cromartie.

There is a big difference between being down one score and being down two scores. When a team falls behind two scores, it has lost control of its destiny. Even with a touchdown, the team is still behind. There might be an even bigger difference between being down two scores and being down three scores. Once a team falls behind by three scores, it is at the point where the game plan has to change. The offense has to start throwing more to pick up yardage quickly and greatly reduce if not abandon the run.

Antonio Cromartie figured prominently in the touchdown the Raiders scored to put the Jets behind by two scores and then the touchdown the Raiders scored to put the Jets behind by three scores.

On the Michael Crabtree touchdown to put the Raiders up 14-3, Cromartie was one of many Jets to miss a tackle. He was, however, the sole culprit on Andre Holmes' 49 yard touchdown to put Oakland up 21-3.

About the only silver lining for Cromartie is that nobody can call for his benching. His would be replacement, Marcus Williams was just as bad.

Who gets your anti-game ball?