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Cromartie Set To Return Kicks Against Houston

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Antonio Cromartie will return kicks this Sunday, as long as he is a "full go"

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today it was revealed that the Jets were unlikely to sign a kick returner, we also revealed that Antonio Cromartie wasn't in danger of losing his starting spot. Now we're combining the two, as Todd Bowles confirmed this evening that Antonio will return kicks this weekend, as long as he is healthy. He participated fully today, so odds are you'll be seeing Cromartie return kicks down in Houston.

Cromartie isn't having his best season on the defensive side of the ball, so maybe he can add a little value in the return game. He has returned 3 kick-offs this year for a total of 98 yards, which is a very good 32.7 yard average, a very small sample size but he does have the ability to make something happen.

As John highlighted in that thread however, he makes some very poor decisions in the kick return game, and while he's struggling so much on the defensive side of the ball, I'd prefer him to concentrate fully on that. Unfortunately the Jets don't have a great deal of options on their roster at the moment.

Cromartie has returned kicks sporadically throughout his career, having a career high 17 returns while with the Jets in 2011. He has never returned a kick-off for a touchdown.