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New York Locker Room is Still Confident, Still Together

The Jets may have lost 3 of 4, but don't think there is panic or fear in the locker room.

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

It's easy for everyone to be on the same page when the team is winning. Problems arise when teams start to lose. Coaches start to become more frustrated, some fearing for their jobs. Players start to turn on each other, demanding a higher level of performance. Fingers start to point in all directions, the media pressure intensifies and the questions become more probing. it's easy for a locker room to fall apart at this stage, for heads to go down and for the season to spiral.

There are no signs that this is going to happen with the New York Jets, well not according to Brandon Marshall

"From my experience, these are usually the times when a team can fold or take that step and make something out of their season," Marshall said. "We know where we are at when you look at the AFC and we know where we want to be at the end of the season."

"I have been in plenty of buildings where we didn't have a chance because we weren't together and it was nasty," he added. "And we don't have that here. You look at the locker room and there is no difference from today to after losing to Buffalo to when we won two in a row at the beginning of the season. That is what you want. Now it is just time to put it together."

At times like this your veterans needs to step up and guide the ship to calmer waters. You can't escape the fact that at the moment the boat is rocking, just look around at the kind of articles that are being produced, and the responses to those articles. The Jets have lost some games they probably should have won, the losses have been frustrated, and at times personal mistakes have culimanted in the loss, but there is no panic, at least not yet.

"That is a good feeling to have. I have been on a lot of losing teams as you all know and the interesting thing is, when you are in a situation like this, you lose three out of your last four, some would say this is a make or break (run) and you have guys with their heads down and a lot of coaches are nasty, not smiling and putting more pressure on the players. And the players have their heads down, lack of confidence. But that is not happening in here"

The game in Houston may not be a must-win. However a loss would be devastating, not only for our aspirations, but for that confidence that still exists.