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Jets Unlikely To Sign New Kick Returner

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The Jets look as though they'll go with what they have

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, the Jets invited several kickers and special teamers in for a tryout. Kick return specialists Dri Archer and Trindon Holliday were included in that mix, but don't expect the Jets to sign either before the game in Houston this weekend.

Speaking to the media yesterday, Todd Bowles stated "We'll probably still go with what we have. We have a bunch of guys in every week to work out and this week just happened to be the specialists". The Jets rank below average in almost every return statistic, but they were obviously not very impressed with what Archer or Holliday brought to the table.

The Jets have trotted out a number of players to try and ignite the kick return game, including Owusu (now out), Stacy (now out), Smith (bad fumble) and Cromartie (banged up). Archer was recently cut by the Steelers, and despite being lightning fast, his small stature is something to be concerned about.

With Thompkins getting some work as a kick returner and Cromartie likely to return this weekend, the Jets may not be willing to hold a roster spot open for a player who is almost exclusively a returner. Neither Holiday or Archer have provided much in the passing game over their short careers.

For now, it seems as though the Jets will go with what they have.