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Antonio Cromartie Will Remain The Starter

As soon as Antonio can play, he'll be back in the starting lineup.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

2015 hasn't been the best year for Antonio Cromartie who re-signed with the Jets this past off-season after spending some time in Arizona. In fact, it's been one of the worst seasons of his career. PFF currently rank him as the 110th best cornerback in the league, having given up 6 touchdowns in just 8 games.

Antonio isn't shying away from his poor performance, he knows he's not playing well and he thinks he knows how to fix it:

"For me, it hasn't been good, It’s not up to my standards and what I look for or what my teammates and organization looks for. It’s a long season and you just got to pick up from the previous week and continue to move on and let your play continue to improve"

"Honestly, I think it is more so technique stuff," Cromartie said. "I think I get myself in trouble trying to play the (opponent's offensive) scheme and what they get so used to doing and then they change it up. It is just for me just go out and play football and not look at what the offense is lined up in.

"I think that is what got me in trouble the first half of the season," Cromartie added. "Just play the way I need to and don't think about what they are doing scheme-wise."

Now there may be some merit to this. It is possible to think too much, to try and do too much before the ball is even snapped. it's no secret that Antonio has bit on a lot of double moves this year, which resulted in big completions and big touchdowns. It will be interesting to see if we see a marked improvement over the course of the second half, can Antonio just use his natural athletic ability to prevent big plays? Or is he on that inevitable decline?

For now, his starting spot is not in danger, despite the positive play of promising youngster Marcus Williams. Bowles confirmed that Antonio was the starter and if he's healthy this weekend, he'll line up against the Texans in the base package, why is he the starter? "Because he earned it in summer camp and in the preseason, (and) over the years. We decided to start him." Bowles explained.