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No Playoffs Would Be A Failure For Todd Bowles

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There is always a lot of optimism around a new head coaches arrival. Could this be the coach to take us to the promised land? will he redefine our franchise? Will he take us to the playoffs in year one?

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I'm not sure what my expectations were coming into the season. Did I expect us to make the playoffs? I expected us to give it a good go, but I wasn't expectant of anything. GM Mike Maccagnan wouldn't consider this season a failure if the Jets don't make the playoffs, but the same can't be said about head coach Todd Bowles.

I said when I came in, the goal was to get to the playoffs so that you can get to the Super Bowl. You're trying to get to the playoffs and win the Super Bowl and that's still our goal.

Coaches often look at the short term goal, their jobs are reliant on increasing the digits in the win column. Of course we could lose on out for the rest of the season, and Todd's job would be safe, there is no doubt about that. However the press and the fans would start to question his ability, and that doesn't set you up for a successful second season.

Obviously Todd is absolutely right, the goal of every single team is to make it to the post-season, which in turn gives you the chance to win the Super Bowl. However when he was asked outright if the season would be a failure if the Jets failed to make the post-season, he commented

For me, yes. We want to get to the playoffs every year. We don't accept not going.

That's understandable. The Jets started the season 4-1 before dropping games to the Patriots, Raiders and Bills. The victory against the Jaguars allowed us to remain above .500. We currently sit in the 7th seed position in the AFC, meaning if the season ended today, the Jets would be going home.

There is still a lot of football to be played and getting healthy is the key. Bowles has made a couple of controversial decisions (at least to some fans), but the inability to stay healthy is hurting the Jets chances. Although,every team is hurting and the good teams find ways to win.

I would be disappointed to miss the play-offs. Especially considering how much money we spent in the off-season to improve certain areas of the team  However I'm not sure I would go so far as to call it a failure. A new GM, new HC, new coaching staff and a lot of new players, it takes time.