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NY Jets "Run Sacks"

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Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

When players get tackles for either zero yards or a loss, they are celebrated. Sacks are one of the most recognized stats in football.

Similar plays against the run do not get the same recognition, but they are also big. With this in mind, I decided to take a look at the number of tackles the Jets have gotten on run plays that either resulted in no gain or a loss.

A rookie leads the way. Leonard Williams has the most on the Jets with 14. There is more to the story, though. I ran the numbers on the entire league. J.J. Watt is the only player with more tackles against the run that have resulted in no gain or a loss. He has 16.

David Harris is second on the Jets and tied for fourth in the league with 12.

The complete totals are below.

Leonard Williams 14

David Harris 12

Muhammad Wilkerson 10

Damon Harrison 9

Demario Davis 7

Sheldon Richardson 5

Quinton Coples 4

Calvin Pryor 3

Rontez Miles 3

Antonio Cromartie 2

Leger Douzable 2

Stephen Bowen 1

Trevor Reilly 1

Calvin Pace 1

Buster Skrine 1

Marcus Gilchrist 1

T.J. Barnes 1

*Numbers tabulated using Pro Football Reference's Play Index.