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New York Jets Work Out Dri Archer and Trindon Holliday

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Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets are, and let's be blunt about this, awful at returning kicks. They're tied for 17th in the league in average return yards (24.0) and in a five-way tie for 19th in their longest return of 41 yards. The team has tried a cast of characters at kick returner, including Zac Stacy and Devin Smith. Stacy broke his ankle, Smith broke the team's spirit.

So, the Jets have tried out Dri Archer and Trindon Holliday in hopes of spicing up the return game. Archer was recently cut by the Pittsburgh Steelers, but ranks 8th in the league with an average of 25.3 yards per return. Holliday has not returned a meaningful kick since 2013, when he averaged 27.7 yards per return. The year before he averaged 32.5, and in both years he returned a kick for 105 yards.

Both are extraordinarily small and extraordinarily fast. Archer, in particular, just missed out on Chris Johnson's record for the 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine. Despite being a phenomenal returner in college, Archer has struggled with his transition to the NFL (full disclosure, here's my scouting report on him). Holliday hasn't been able to stick it out with a team in the past year, but perhaps one of them impressed in their tryout. We'll let you know if the team signs one of the players.