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Extra Points: Is Making Them More Important a Good Thing?

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Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

There has been a lot of discussion about the NFL's rule change in the offseason making extra points ten yards longer. Sunday in Green Bay, we almost saw the new rule swing a game.

Lions kicker Matt Prater missed a pair of extra points. As a result, the Lions only led by 8 points instead of 10 in the final minute. When the Packers scored a touchdown, Prater's misses meant they only trailed by 2 and could go for a 2 point conversion to tie the game. They missed, but then they recovered an onside kick. Still down only 2, they drove into field goal range and had a chance to make a field goal that would have won the game. Again, they missed, but the game easily could have come down to Prater's misses.

I think this is what the NFL envisioned when they moved the extra point back. They wanted it to become a more significant part of the game. My question to you is whether this is a good thing. Is it a good thing that the kicker's role has become more important? Do we really want more games decided by specialists who see 10 snaps a game if that instead of the guys in the trenches on every play?

You can probably tell I am skeptical. What do you think?