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Ryan Fitzpatrick Not at Practice; Is Expected to Play Sunday

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William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Fitzpatrick had surgery on his nonthrowing hand Friday. He was not at practice today, but Todd Bowles does expect him to play.

Here were some of Bowles' comments on Fitzpatrick today.

On Ryan Fitzpatrick missing practice …

He’s at home. He’s resting because he got surgery.

On if he expects Fitzpatrick to be back on Wednesday…


On if he expects Fitzpatrick to play Sunday…

I’m hopeful, yes.

On what type of progression he needs to see from Fitzpatrick…

His pain progression. We’ll see if can take the snaps under center and see how he feels on Wednesday. After the medication wears off and everything, we’ll go from there.

On if there were any complications with Fitzpatrick’s surgery…

No, everything went fine.

On if he expects Fitzpatrick to be able to practice on Wednesday even if it’s on a limited basis…

We’ll see. I’m hopeful that he will be. He had the day off, he’ll be off tomorrow, so we’ll see on Wednesday how he feels.

It seems like this was expected and that Fitzpatrick is on schedule to be back Sunday. Wednesday's practice will be worth watching.