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NFL Playoff Picture: AFC East Roundup for Week 10

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Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports


1. New England 9-0

2. Buffalo 5-4

3. Jets 5-4

4. Miami 4-5

What happened this week?

As you probably know, the Bills defeated the Jets 22-17 on Thursday night. The weekend did not start off on a good note for the Jets. That trend continued through Sunday.

The Patriots finally got the better of their nemesis, the Giants. For the fourth straight time against the Pats, Eli Manning led the Giants on a late fourth quarter drive to take the lead against New England. This time, however, he left Tom Brady with enough time for a legitimate chance to answer. Brady drove the Patriots to the outer edges of field goal range, and Stephen Gostkowski hit a 54 yard kick to win the game with 1 second on the clock. The Giants have nobody but themselves to blame. They had numerous opportunities to put the game away in the second half. This included questionable clock management on their last offensive series, a dropped interception on New England's game-winning drive, and allowing the Pats to covert a fourth down on the drive. The win did come at a steep cost for the Pats as Julian Edelman suffered a broken foot and might miss the rest of the regular season.

In Philadelphia, the Dolphins overcame a 16-3 deficit to register a 20-19 win. Sam Bradford left the game for the Eagles in the second half and was replaced by Mark Sanchez. With under 5:00 left in the fourth quarter, the Eagles drove the ball inside the Miami 10 trailing by a point. As long as they protected the ball, the worst case scenario would have been a chip shot field goal to take the lead. Guys, you aren't going to believe this, but Sanchez threw a killer interception.

What comes next?

The Dolphins host the Cowboys Sunday at 1:00.

The Bills visit the Patriots on Monday Night Football.