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NFL Week 10 Open Thread

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David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

There are no Jets this Sunday. After a disappointing loss Thursday night, football might be too painful for some. For others, a day of stress-free watching might be what the doctor ordered. This thread is for the people who want stress-free football watching.

Early games are:

Detroit at Green Bay

Dallas at Tampa Bay

Carolina at Tennessee

Chicago at St. Louis

New Orleans at Washington

Miami at Philadelphia

Cleveland at Pittsburgh

Jacksonville at Baltimore

Late games are:

Minnesota at Oakland

Kansas City at Denver

New England at NY Giants

Enjoy the games, and leave your thoughts below. Should there be enough comments to warrant additional threads, they will be provided. As always, we have a couple of friendly requests regarding illegal broadcasts of NFL games streamed over the internet. Please do not ask for them. Please do not provide them either. We thank you in advance for respecting these wishes of ours.