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NY Jets Week 10 Rooting Guide

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Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Cleveland over Pittsburgh: The Jets are currently tied with the Steelers for the final Wild Card spot in the AFC. A Steelers win drops the Jets out of Playoff position. At 2-7, the Browns are not in the Playoff discussion so a win from them does not hurt.

Minnesota over Oakland: A win gives the Raiders the same record as the Jets, and Oakland owns the head-to-head tiebreaker. An NFC team getting a victory has no impact on the Jets.

Philadelphia over Miami: The Dolphins are one and a half games behind the Jets and seem to be fading after Dan Campbell's fast start as interim head coach. A loss here would put them on a three game losing streak and fading. You have to wonder whether they would be able to recover.

Denver over Kansas City: The Chiefs are also a game and a half back, and they are starting to show some life. It would be nice if Denver could bring them down to earth and prevent their confidence and momentum from growing.

Cincinnati over Houston: This is not just because the Texans are another team a game and a half behind the Jets. The Texans are the next opponent the Jets would face. Having Houston enter that game on a short week off a demoralizing loss and a physical pounding could be helpful.