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Zac Stacy Out for the Year With Broken Ankle

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Jets running back Zac Stacy left last night's game with a broken ankle. Head coach Todd Bowles confirmed his season is over today.

Stacy was acquired during the Draft from St. Louis for a seventh round pick. He ran for 973 yards and 7 touchdowns as a rookie two years ago for the Rams, but he could never get it going for the Jets. He ran for only 89 yards on 39 carries in 2015. He also was unsuccessful spending much of this season as the kickoff returner, although it is not clear why the Jets used a power back with minimal elusiveness in that role. The injury is of some note as Stacy did fill in for Bilal Powell as a pass protecting back. Depending on Powell's status, the Jets might not have a decent pass blocking back.

Stacy will presumably be placed on injured reserve, opening up a roster spot. Quincy Enunwa's suspension is up. The Jets will need an available roster spot to activate him so Enunwa might take it. The Jets also could go in another direction.