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Jets Anti-Game Ball Week 10: Devin Smith

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It was a weird game last night. There were lots of players who played poorly in the early going but caught fire with the second half charge. If it was based only on the first half, I think Ryan Fitzpatrick would have gotten the anti-game ball. While I still do not feel like his good second half turned his night into a positive, that along with my inclination to not give the quarterback the anti-game ball saves him this week.

I am going to go with Devin Smith. The rookie's fumble really changed the game last night. It put Buffalo into control of the game for the first time. It looked like touchdowns would be at a premium, and the rookie gifted the Bills a score. I don't blame the coaching staff for trying Smith out there. Frankly, them trying to do something to spark the return game was overdue. To some extent, I can forgive Smith for coming out of the end zone even though he should have taken the touchback. He is inexperienced as a return guy. The fumble is tough to live with, though. Was it a rookie mistake? Will Smith learn ball security better as he spends more time in the league? Perhaps, but that fumble really hurt.

For that play, Smith gets my anti-game ball. who gets yours?