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NFL Playoff Picture: Jets Fall to 6th Place in AFC Race

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The loss to Buffalo last night was a missed opportunity for them to gain some separation from a Wild Card competitor. Instead, the Bills took the lead for the coveted fifth seed in the AFC, which will likely result in a game against the AFC South Champion. The Jets fell into sixth place pending the results of NFL games over the weekend.

1. New England 8-0

2. Cincinnati 8-0

3. Denver 7-1

4. Indianapolis 4-5

5. Buffalo 5-4

6. Jets 5-4


7. Pittsburgh 5-4

8. Oakland 4-4

9. Kansas City 3-5

10. Miami 3-5

11. Houston 3-5

12. Jacksonville 2-6

13. Baltimore 2-6

14. Tennessee 2-6

15. San Diego 2-7

16. Cleveland 2-7


Predictably there is a lot of doom and gloom around the Jets today, and that is understandable. It was a tough loss last night.

The season is not over, though. I'm not going to tell you this is a great football team, but I am also not going to tell you this is a terrible football team. The Jets have not played well over the last month, but this is a 5-4 team on the whole.

Look at the teams competing with the Jets. Do you see a stellar team out there? Look at the team that beat them last night and now leads the pack. Is that Buffalo team a juggernaut? We are talking about the team that tried to give away a 19 point lead. We are talking about the team that wasted all of its challenges and timeouts. We are talking about the team whose quarterback looked like a deer in the headlights for most of the night when forced to make quick decisions from the pocket.

Can we say the Jets are a lot better than that team right now? No, but I don't think we can say that team is a lot better than the Jets. You might argue the Jets seem like an 8 win team. Well, the difference between an 8 win team and a 10 win team is sometimes a handful of plays. Look at last night's game. A lot of games come down to a single play. Pick one of about ten plays last night. If the Jets make one, they win the game. They didn't last night. Maybe they will make that one extra play in some games down the stretch.

I understand the team is not playing well. I am not guaranteeing the team will snap out of this slump. I have, however, seen plenty of teams weather slumps like this and have successful seasons. A lot of those teams were playing even worse than the Jets are now, and their fans wrote them off. This slump matters, but this is not a bad football team when you look at the big picture and view things through the lens of the entire season.