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Ryan Fitzpatrick to Have Surgery on Thumb Tomorrow

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Todd Bowles confirmed that Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick will have surgery on his thumb tomorrow to repair ligament damage. He is expected to play against the Texans next week.

There had been talk all week about this happening. Fitzpatrick himself seemed to hint this was the most likely outcome.

If Fitzpatrick was going to have the surgery before the end of the season, this would be the time. The Thursday game this week gives the Jets three extra days to prepare for the Texans game. Also importantly, Fitzpatrick will not have to lose a day of practice during the week as the game plan is installed.

By all accounts, the injury sounds like a pain management issue, but if there is an option to eliminate the pain without having Fitzpatrick miss any time, it is probably worth utilizing.