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Jets vs. Bills Final Score: Buffalo Wins 22-17

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets fell to 5-4 tonight with a 22-17 loss at home to the Buffalo Bills.

It s ironic this was the return of Rex Ryan to the Meadowlands because the Jets looked like a Rex Ryan coached team. They wasted a really nice defensive effort with killer mistakes on offense and special teams. Even though they somehow made it a game, suspect situational playcalling and the inability to make the big plays cost them a chance to get a win. Rex did his best to not to be outRexed as the Bills wasted their challenges and timeouts to help the Jets along. They even had a special teams blunder. It was not to be, though, as the Jets failed to take advantage.

This was a big loss for the Jets. They had a chance to gain separation with a competitor for the Wild Card. Instead, the Bills are actually now ahead of the Jets in the AFC Playoff race. More importantly perhaps, the Jets have now lost three of their last four games.