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Bills vs. Jets Second Half Thread

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Bills lead the Jets 12-3 at halftime at MetLife Stadium.

In the return of their former coach, it was the type of first half for the Jets that conjured images of the Rex Ryan days. A very solid defensive half of football was no match for an offense that could not move the ball and a team that turns it over. The Jets gained 77 yards on a field goal drive to take an early lead. Outside of that drive, they had 32 yards total. Everybody on offense has been bad. The worst player has been Ryan Fitzpatrick who is 5 for 17 with an interception that set up a Buffalo field goal. The biggest play, though, might have been a special teams mistake. Devin Smith fumbled a kickoff that Buffalo returned for a touchdown.

The Bills get the ball to start the second half. The Jets need a stop. Then they need to get something going offensively.

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