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Ryan Quigley Named AFC Special Teams Player of the Week

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Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

Jets punter Ryan Quigley was thrown into emergency placekicking action due to Nick Folk's pregame injury.

Quigley made all four of his extra points and did a solid job punting, none more important than the one the Jets downed inside the 10 yard line in the final minute.

The extra points were of note because they are longer this season than they used to be. When finding out Folk was out, one could be forgiven for remembering the opener in 2008 when Mike Nugent got hurt in Miami. The Jets had to go for a two point conversion after a touchdown because Nugent could not try the extra point and punter Ben Graham did not know how to placekick. They missed the conversion attempt, and it almost cost them as they led 20-14 in the final minute with the Dolphins driving instead of 21-14. Darrelle Revis saved the team with an end zone interception.

Quigley's spot duty prevented the Jets from being in that situation.