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GGN Chalkboard: Jets Defeat Jags Pt. 2

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The second half was once again a mixed bag. The Jets made a few plays that lead to a victory.

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets didn't play a great second half and gifted numerous chances for the Jaguars to come back. However, ineptitude or what have you from the Jaguars kept the Jets above .500. Let's take a look at a few plays.

Let's start with the positive. Calvin Pace the man no one seems to want on the Jets anymore made a nice play on a strip sack. That doesn't tell the whole story though, in fact that would be disrespectful to the defense that gave Bortles no options to make a pass.

The Jaguars line up with three wide two to the left of Bortles with a single receiver to the right. The TE on the left blocks while the RB runs a simple safety valve route over the middle. J'ville runs 4 routes, including a deep post from the single WR up top, a double move deep route from the slot and a 15 yard inside comeback route that the WR just ends and doesn't move from.

The Jets meanwhile are in that combination coverage with cover one man and underneath zone. The key to this play in my book is that the zone defense helps out on all the routes and gives Bortles little time. Coupled with a halfway decent rush, it worked out well for Gang Green.

The Safety runs to the two WR side and helps out the deeper slot WR effectively doubling him. Ditto with the outside post route where the corner had deep and outside coverage with the LB covering any inside cut underneath. The middle LB goes after the back, while the comeback route hangs out with the CB lurking waiting for a lobbed pass to take to the house. The pressure causes Bortles to step up.

That combo coverage gives Blake little option other than to throw it away. Perhaps a learning experience, he instead tries to keep options open even as the other MLB is now on his tail.

It ends with a combination sack and fumble the Jets manage to recover. While not pretty from the DL, the rush did it's job and more importantly so did the coverage team. There's no one open.

A solid play call requires two things: a good scheme and better execution. The Jets got both.


The Jets would add a score and Jacksonville would add a field goal or two. The Jets recovered a fumbled punt, which lead to Marshall's TD. A simple play action fake out of a jumbo set gave the Jets some cushion they would need.

Marshall is lined up to the outside and runs a simple go route and gets outside leverage. Meanwhile the Jets play max protect with only the TE going out for a seam route. The play action underneath keeps everyone honest.

The coverage was actually solid on Marshall and Davis, off the line there wasn't a lot of separation. However, it's one on one on both men, so there is a shot to exploit the man coverage.

Credit the O line here, there's a huge pocket for Fitz to work with. Marshall even tries a little move upfield but doesn't do much. Fitz says eh screw it and throws the ball to the one on one coverage.

As you can see the defender is legally all over Marshall.

Marshall ends up fighting for the ball and makes an acrobatic dive and gets the pass. The play action didn't get anyone wide open, but Marshall is a matchup nightmare and gave the Jets the lead, one they almost blew.


Later in the game, The Jaguars struck on a deep pass that exploited a cover two defense and it's a play that shows you how bad the safeties have played.

The Jaguars line up with 4 wide 3 spaced out on the right and the other up top. They call for a zone beater route package, with one running a deep circle in route, with a deep post behind it and a fly route on the outside. The lone WR runs to the pylon while the back blocks and eventually pops out running a seam route.

The Jets as mentioned are in straight cover two. The key is the left safety (bottom in light blue), he makes a critical error on this play.

Skrine has outside leverage on the WR hoping for safety help. Meanwhile, the safety is jumping all over the shorter inside route over the middle. That gives a big lane for the post route to become open.

Here the WR breaks and Skrine has to hit the preverbal Jets because the safety is out of position. This is a pretty basic defense that Jacksonville exploited.

For whatever reason, Skrine went ball hawking and ends up not getting the pass. That allowed the WR to make an easy catch and score.

Two things: It was a perfect play call against the defense. That has to be noted. But with better execution from the safety it could have been prevented.


Let's talk about the Williams pick, which is half desperation and half the DL and Wilk forcing the play to one side.

The Jaguars have a single WR up top who runs a go route. The other side uses a bunch concept where instead of the WR cutting across each other, they all run deep routes one of which cuts hard across the field.

The Jets are in a prevent cover two man defense with the one MLB watching the RB and also any scramble attempt.

The rush forces Bortles to his right (top of image). It's important for two reasons, one it limits his ability to throw the ball to the other side of the field and two puts him in a spot where he only has two options and there's at least 3 defenders in the area.

Bortles heaves a prayer/duck to the WR cutting across the middle. The Jets have 3 guys deep and the pass had no umph, meaning this is pretty easy pickings for the DB's.

Just like that the Jets won. It wasn't pretty, it wasn't perfect but they don't draw a pretty W next to really good wins. It counts the same as the win against the Dolphins in London, a game the Jets just about dominated for most of the game.