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GGN Chalkboard: Jets Defeat Jaguars

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In a game that wasn't pretty, the first half looked the part of a domination in progress. Then the Jets fell asleep.

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

The first half wasn't bad-- last few minutes withstanding. The Jets managed to score a few touchdowns and more importantly had a good lead. Then Bowles went conservative and team from Jacksonville had a chance. Let's take a look at the first half shall we?

Decker caught yet another red zone touchdown and like many of his scores this year, it came across the center of the field.

The basics of the play is the formation. It's a very tight bunch set to the left of the line with Marshall out wide right and Ivory off to the right. The bunch set is primarily used to beat man by causing picks and confusion. Decker runs a slant route underneath two out routes, the deeper which is has Cumberland stop on the hash mark. Ivory runs a safety valve and Marshall does his fade to just past the pylon. In this case the play beats a defense that shouldn't have too many issues with the route pattern because they are in zone.

Now the fun part, I have no idea what zone they were attempting to play. It looks like cover two, but the middle LB goes flying into the deep middle zone. My guess is it's a variant of the famed Tampa two with the MLB filling the center of the field between the safeties. Either way, Decker runs across the middle while the defense over reacts a bit to the out routes. Meanwhile Fitzmagic is warming up his wand.

Somehow he escapes the O line collapsing around him. In the meantime three things have happened. The MLB has shifted over to cover the deeper out route... (LOL like we'd throw to a TE), the safety sprinted up to cover Ivory, and now Fitz has a lane to the end zone.

The other linebacker decides to run at Fitz, leaving Decker wide open behind him.

That is about as easy of a pitch and catch you will see. All it took was Fitz breaking the pocket and the defense seemingly forget to cover Decker while tripling up on the deeper out route.


Marcus Williams got his first of two picks on an extremely fortunate bounce on the ensuing drive. There's that portion of the play, which was dumb luck. But the play was set up by the all out blitz the Jets showed and eventually brought.

To set it up J'ville lines up with 3 wide and what looks like a version of the shotgun flexbone with the TE and RB near the line of scrimmage over the tackles. Weird formation. Meanwhile, sensing the incoming blitz, Bortles changes the play and calls for a hot route. The top WR runs a slant while the other two are more or less there in case the blitz gets picked up and Bortles feels like going for broke. This is a case that the offense knew what the defense was going to do, and it came down to execution.

True to form the Jets send just about everyone who isn't covering a WR. Meanwhile the Jets did play some trickery showing a blitz on the left, but dropping Williams into coverage while the overload came from the right. Didn't really matter too much in the scheme of things but should be noted. Williams did have to fly back to get position because he was playing centerfield in the deep zone.

Meanwhile "ya boy" Revis makes me continue to eat words. I said he wasn't elite anymore, but man this is shutdown corner 101. He undercuts the slant hard which leads to a bonkers deflection.

I used the word bonkers: look how far Williams had to go for this pick. The ball hung forever. That's just a bit lucky.

However, to counter that statement,  it was a solid scheme and Revis did his part. Sometimes you forge your own luck. This is that case, where the blitz forced a quick pass to a man covered by Revis, which lead to a deflection that fell into Williams lap.


The Jets scored during their next possession though the solid work of Ivory and a key desperation block by D'Brick.

To set it up the Jets lined up in a jumbo set with Ivory and T'bone in the backfield. The key blocks would come from the FB and TE here. The FB has to take first man up on the outside, while Davis has to slide off his block and get the other OLB. Not easy.

The other side of the line goes for the easy move and cuts everyone in front of them. Mangold fails to get the MLB with his cut, which leads to the one on one confrontation that Ivory wins. But before we get there, D'Brick is now one on one with his man. How this happens I don't know but the man fights through two guys and gets on Brick's inside. He could blow up the play.

Instead with a lunge block that was legal,  Brick knocks the guy just out of the reach of Ivory. That does two things, gives Ivory a clean lane to work with and take a guy out of the play. Check out the other blocks. That's a pretty dominating point of attack by the Jets.

The only player to get a shot at Ivory was Mangold's guy. It's a tough block to be fair but I will give a pass to Mangold because I know he is hurt as well. That could have ruined an otherwise nice play, but Ivory is one tough, tough dude and overpowers him to get the score.

All around, it wasn't a flawless effort but the Jets managed to score on a 3rd and goal. That was a really key play considering Folk was hurt.


Let's talk about the bad. Cromartie bit hook line sinker and fishing pole on the double move. It's getting to the point of who will toast him this week. I hope in a way that he is playing injured and if given rest he will heal up. Problem is, I'm starting to think he's past his prime. This play shows his instincts are way, way off.

The Jaguars line up with 3 wide 1 TE and 1 RB. The TE and runing back provide help inside while the 3 WR run a double move up top, with a box out route underneath it. The other WR does the old run as fast as you can route down the field.

Meanwhile the Jets are in combination coverage. The three outside men are all in man, with a deep safety and the 3 linebackers are all in zone underneath. It's a combination of cover one and a zone underneath if you want to get technical.

The problem is the double move. I haven't seen too many where the move is a fake to the inside. Usually the route is an out and up and not an in and up. Either way Cro bites hard and sets his feet right and Hurns blows by him. Why the safety went hard the other way, I don't know.

Big minus to the line who got no pressure at all. That gave Bortles all day to wait for Hurns to get by Cro. It just became a pitch and catch contest. We lost that particular contest.

Just like that, the Jets went from blow out to uh-oh.