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Jets vs. Raiders: Five Questions With Silver and Black Pride

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Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Levi from Silver And Black Pride answered five questions about the Raiders.

1. The Raiders have been rebuilding for a while now under Reggie McKenzie. However, they now have Derek Carr, Amari Cooper, Khalil Mack, and others. Do you think the Raiders will finally see the playoffs either this year or next?

I don't see the playoffs happening this year, but next year I expect they will be a contender. They have three wins on the season, but none of the three teams they beat have more than two wins on the season, so I'm not ready to say they are a top tier team just yet. The schedule is pretty tough this season, including the next three games against the Jets, Steelers, and Vikings. If they could find a way to win one of those three games -- all against teams with at least four wins -- then we can talk about this team as a contender.

2. How would you game plan against the Raiders, both on offense and defense?

Offense: Attack the right side of the offensive line and man up on the receivers to take away the short stuff.

Defense: The tight end is a good bet. They are weak against the tight end.

3. What are the strongest and weakest position groups on the team?

Strongest: The center and left side of the offensive line. The defensive line and pass rushers.

Weakest: Tight ends, linebackers, and cornerbacks.

4. Who is someone that most fans might not know about that should make a big appearance on Sunday?

Last week Clive Walford had two big catches -- one a 23-yard touchdown. The week before he broke open for a 33-yard catch that set up a touchdown. He is a third round rookie who was pegged as the starter in the offseason, but suffered an injury and fell behind. While he has been slowly getting into the swing of things, the Raiders haven't offered much from the tight ends. Walford is now showing up more and Derek Carr is trusting him more. I expect he will have 4-5 catches in this game along with at least one big catch.

5. Predictions for the game?

Jets win. That defense is too good and Ryan Fitzpatrick always gives the Raiders problems. Let's go 23-17.