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GGN Weather Report: Oakland, Ca

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Time to look at the weather again for the Raiders clash

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The bay area is always fun to forecast, with little intricacies and microclimates. Where I am in AZ, the temperatures 50-60 miles apart is generally within a few degrees of each other. In that area, the temperature can be all over the place depending on the local. When I did a trip to Alcatraz, the boat ride there was clear, and the ride back we at a point couldn't see more than a couple hundred yards due to fog and drizzle, then magically San Francisco appeared. Why did I start this article this way? Because I want to point out how difficult a forecast this is, and how likely I am to be wrong or at least partially incorrect.

Let's run down a brief weather synopsis/ past weather setup. Currently the western US is under fairly weak high pressure, but a pretty strong low pressure system is on the way. Here's the surface analysis from late Saturday/ early Sunday.

The low in question is in the Bay of Alaska and I have a feeling it's going to be a fast moving system once it eventually gets going before anchoring in the western us for a few days. Temperatures Saturday were near records because of the high pressure, but since that's expected to move out, I don't see temperatures rising quiet as high. Especially with the low, that could lead to some unsettled weather... including rain.

Here's where we get into the models.

The MOS (numerical guidance that typically nudges guidance towards the average or away from extremes) keeps things in the 60's with rain holding off until way later in the day. Still overcast seems to be the more likely outcome. Winds will be anywhere from 5-10 miles per hour straight out of the west.

The GFS is a bit warmer with temperatures in the low 70's, but like the MOS, it tends to keep the rain away until well after the black hole closes up. What about the NAM the other american model? That one tends to put rain just about game time, with temperatures in the upper 60's.

The Euro is keeping temperatures on the extreme cool end, keeping temperatures in the lower 60's and puts a light rain over the bay area by the time the game gets started.

This is the fun part of being a meteorologist: You have the the GFS and MOS keeping it dry, the Euro and NAM leaning a bit wetter early and temperatures from low 60's to 70's. For what it's worth the NWS has rain starting just about game time, with temperatures getting around 73 degrees just about as the game ends.

So with this forecast in mind here's what I'm going with. I'm leaning cooler so a gametime temperature around 66 with a peak of 69 degrees as the game ends. I'm leaning that it will be overcast at times with just a light shower or two during the game with more coming after.

Let's hope this pans out and the rain stays light and brief.