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How Did You Become a New York Jets Fan?

In our annual bye week tradition, we ask New York Jets fans how they came to follow Gang Green.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It is the bye week, and once again we ask you folks how you became fans of the New York Jets, or as I like to call you around here, Gang Green Gangsters.

Some of you may have been fans since the New York Titans and AFL days. Some are from the Super Bowl III and Joe Namath era. Some go back to Shea Stadium and the Sack Exchange.

Some are probably more recent. Maybe you were a fan of USC and Leonard Williams, or you are a loyal fan of Ryan Fitzpatrick and have switched over your loyalty from the St. Louis Rams, Cincinnati Bengals, Buffalo Bills, Tennessee Titans and Houston Texans. Perhaps you saw the NFL in London and decided to give the winning team a follow.

In any case, we would like to hear your unique stories about how you came to be a fan of the New York Jets out of all the other NFL teams out there. We also want to know how you have come across this wonderful web log of ours, Gang Green Nation.