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Report: Minnesota Vikings Currently Shopping Cordarrelle Patterson

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

There are reports that the Minnesota Vikings are currently shopping Cordarrelle Patterson, or at least listening to offers regarding him. If this is accurate, the New York Jets should take a good, hard look at adding the dynamic player.

Although Patterson is a wide receiver, he has contributed little this year with only two receptions. Last year, he recorded 33 catches and the year before that, 45. He is far better as a kick returner. In 2013, his rookie year, he had 1393 kick return yards (with a long of 109 yards), two touchdowns, and averaged 32.4 yards per return. Patterson could provide a spark at a position the Jets most desperately need help. Due to the logjam at wide receiver, Patterson would be able to be limited solely to roles that play to his strengths.

If he is truly available, would you like to see the Jets trade for him? If so, what would you be willing to give up. I could see the team giving up a late round pick. If they can spark special teams, they will have a serviceable option at every facet of the game.