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NFL Power Rankings: Jets Back On The Climb

The Jets took a little hit last week with their loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, but as they head into their bye week at 3-1, they continue to climb back up the NFL power rankings.

Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

I don't put too much stock in the power rankings, but I do find them interesting none the less. I want to see how other people view the New York Jets, and this week, it's rather positive.

NFL.Com - 9th (Last week 13th)

Oh, Chris Ivory, how you make games interesting. Still not sure whether that was a fumble toward the end of this week's international match. I'd say no. Either way, count me among the millions (thousands?) who thought the game was over at that point. Given the holding to extend the Dolphins' last-gasp drive (Miami was down 27-14 with less than seven minutes to play) in the fourth, then the OPI on the apparent Jarvis Landry touchdown, then the Ivory fumble non-fumble, followed by the Darrelle Revis interception ... thought this tweet the most appropriate way to describe the New York win:

PFT - 9th (Last week 14th)

The Jets hadn't killed a coach this convincingly since Rich Kotite.

Fansided - 11th (Last week 16th)

Are the Jets good, or are the Dolphins really, really bad? Sunday’s game over at Wembley Stadium in London was anything but pretty, but regardless it resulted in a New York victory.

Ryan Fitzpatrick was whipping the ball around the stadium, and Chris Ivory looked like a man possessed. Ivory routinely shed arm tackles and ran with a ferocity that proved a catalyst for the entire offense.

New York is 3-1 on the year, with victories now over three subpar teams – the Browns, Colts and Dolphins. Still, though, they’ve won three games after being embroiled in all kinds of controversy this offseason. If the defense continues to smother opponents New York might be a sleeper for the playoffs.

SB Nation 8th (Last week 10th)

Washington Post - 8th (Last Week 16th)

The Jets haven't exactly gotten great play from QB Ryan Fitzpatrick. He has seven TD passes, six interceptions and a passer rating of only 78.1. But the Jets are winning so there's no reason to fret about it at the moment.

Newsday - 9th (Last Week 13th)

The Jets rebound from a lethargic home loss to the Eagles with a convincing win over the Dolphins in London. Todd Bowles now presides over the NFL's top scoring defense, and game manager Ryan Fitzpatrick has the offense rolling.

Yahoo Sports - 8th (Last Week 13th)

I dislike that coaches refuse to make necessary moves just because they don't want to mess with a winning streak. The Jets are winning but it's not like Ryan Fitzpatrick is playing out of his mind. It'll be an interesting call for coach Todd Bowles when Geno Smith is healthy again.

We'll continue to update this thread as the power rankings are published.