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Tannehill: "Enjoy Your Practice Squad Paychecks"

This is what it has come to in Miami.

Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

According to Aaron Wilson with the Houston Chronicle, this is what Ryan Tannehill uttered at practice when practice squad players were picking off his errant throws.  Enjoy your practice squad paychecks.  Enjoy your practice squad trophy.  Here's the quote:

Frustrations have been mounting for weeks, and escalated Saturday during practice prior to the game. Philbin has also been struggling on how to handle his franchise quarterback, Ryan Tannehill, who had been getting rattled even in practice sessions.

On Saturday during practice, Tannehill, after a couple of practice squad players forced turnovers, Tannehill made negative comments toward them, including saying: "Enjoy your practice squad paycheck, enjoy your practice squad trophy."

Sources say this has been going on for the past few weeks as the practice squad players have been intercepting Tannehill and frustrating the former Texas A&M wide receiver turned quarterback.

The article goes on to say fired Dolphins coach Joe Philbin responded to the situation by directing the practice squad defenders to go easy on Tannehill so as not to hurt his confidence.

Now, we certainly wouldn't want to revel in the misfortunes of a division rival, much less chuckle at a slow motion train wreck continuing to unravel in sunny Florida.  We certainly feel just awful that the valiant water mammals down south are going through such trying times, and their quarterback seems to be just a little bit lost.

Nonetheless, how nice is it to be on the other side of this particular controversy?  It hasn't been long at all since this Jets team was struggling under the weight of six consecutive years of young quarterbacks who were coddled far more than most thought was warranted.  How many times did it seem the Jets were the team making questionable decisions so as not to hurt the fragile confidence of a young quarterback?  As much as we all genuinely feel so very sympathetic to the plight of the teal team in the southern swampland, isn't it kinda nice that for once it isn't the Jets making these headlines?

Enjoy your practice squad checks.  A lot of digital ink has been spilled on Gang Green Nation about the nature of leadership and whether one or the other of the team's mediocre quarterbacks has the goods.  Regardless of your views on that controversy, which have been shared here ad nauseum, perhaps we can all agree that "Enjoy your practice squad checks" is probably not the best of quotes for an erstwhile team leader.

We all feel for the Fins.  We've been there much more than is comfortable to admit.  Perhaps it wouldn't be too much to ask if our brethren in teal stay there just a while longer.  We're kinda enjoying the view.