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Jets vs. Dolphins Final Score: New York Wins 27-14

Stephen Pond/Getty Images

The Jets defeated the Dolphins today in London 27-14. New York ends an excellent first quarter of the season with a 3-1 record. The big question entering this game was how the Jets would respond to a flat performance and deal with a reeling Miami team. Unlike last week, the Jets did not allow a struggling opponent to get off the mat and gain confidence early. A quick-strike, three play drive on their first offensive series gave the Jets the lead for good. It felt like they were in control of things for the vast majority of play after that point.

If you asked me before the season what I was hoping for entering the Week 5 bye, I would have told you a 3-1 record. The Jets are there, and they are undefeated in conference. They are trying to do the toughest thing there is to do in the NFL, win without a quarterback who can carry the load. So far, they have been successful. A lot of it has to do with the defense. Before the start of the regular season, there were a lot of impressive pieces on paper. As we all know, sometimes the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. This defense looks as good as advertised, and the Jets are getting Sheldon Richardson back!

If there is a negative from this victory, it is how badly the Jets were hit by the injury bug. David Harris, Calvin Pryor, and Leonard Williams were among the Jets to go down. If there is a second negative, it is how the Dolphins will probably make a long overdue change from an overmatched coaching staff.

There are mostly good feelings today, though. The early games have just kicked off, and the day is already made. Celebrate below. The official recap will be up in a bit.