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Jets vs. Dolphins Third Quarter Thread

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets lead the Dolphins at halftime in London by a score of 20-7. They have controlled the game from the start, marching down the field in three plays on their first drive for a go-ahead touchdown. They have led since. The only time Miami showed life was on a touchdown drive aided by big penalties by Darrelle Revis and Marcus Gilchrist. The Jets scored a big touchdown before the half.

This game shows what a difference Chris Ivory and Eric Decker make. The pair missed last week. This week, Ivory already has 89 yards and a touchdown at the half. Decker has four catches, including a nifty one-handed grab to extend a drive and the touchdown before the half. It is a testament to how good the skill players look that the Jets have 20 points in a half because Ryan Fitzpatrick has looked erratic.

The Jets get the ball to start the third quarter. Leave your second half thoughts below.